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For Fourth Year, Mosaic Supports Appalachian Offsets' Environmental Initiative

An early leader in the Asheville real estate market’s green movement, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty is proud to be a part of local initiatives toward a healthier planet. To that end, Mosaic is joining forces with Appalachian Offsets for a fourth year in a row. Appalachian Offsets offers carbon offsets to fund projects that address the damage of climate change by cutting carbon-dioxide pollution in our community.

Appalachian Offsets 4th Year

Helping to ease effects of climate change

The production of harmful greenhouse gases by humans is directly linked to climate change. From purchasing foods and products made thousands of miles away to driving gas-guzzling vehicles to heating and cooling our homes and using electricity, our actions have had an impact on the climate, with devastating results: erratic and destructive weather, severe famine, rising sea levels and crop failures. It’s up to us to find ways to stop and reverse the damage. That’s where carbon offsets come in.   

Carbon offsets are pollution equivalents that can be purchased to help pay for a renewable energy project, an energy-efficiency upgrade, or the like. For example, the money from the purchase of three tons of carbon offsets would go to fund a project that either reduces carbon-dioxide production by three tons, or removes three tons of carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon offsetting is a long-lasting tool that aids the environment as well as the community.

How carbon offset initiative works

An initiative from the Green Built Alliance, Appalachian Offsets allows Asheville residents and businesses to offset their carbon footprint while at the same time helping local schools, non-profits, and other area organizations. A few simple steps will get you there: First, calculate your carbon footprint, then make a (tax-deductible) donation to Appalachian Offsets to offset your footprint, at a rate of $20 per ton. The offset donation is then matched with a local school, non-profit, or other community organization to help pay for an energy-efficiency project. Contributions from Mosaic have gone to support a variety of Appalachian Offsets projects, such as water-conservation upgrades, energy-efficiency lighting retrofits, and solar-energy installations.

For more information on Appalachian Offsets, and to calculate your carbon footprint, go to To learn more about how Mosaic helps to build and support the Asheville community through green initiatives and beyond, visit

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