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In the Frame with Mosaic Realty's Newest Real Estate Broker, Amber Bennett

Born and raised near Asheville in Alexander, North Carolina, Amber Bennett is set to add some local-grown depth to the Mosaic Realty bench. Her roots here are deep, too — her mom still lives in Alexander, in the same house as when Amber was born. Between helping folks with their realty needs and raising a family of her own, her free time is limited, but Amber graciously took time out to talk with us recently.

Amber Bennett Asheville Realtor

We know you’re a local, but is there anything else you’d like to share about your background?

Yeah, I’m WNC to the core! I went to Evergreen, Asheville High, and then AB Tech. Now I live here in East Asheville with my husband, our three kids, and two dogs. Can’t really imagine wanting to live anywhere else!

What made you want to be a real estate broker?

So I came to it in a roundabout way. My early goal was to be a nurse practitioner, so I was going to school for radiography at AB Tech, but once I got in that hospital setting, I realized it just wasn’t a good fit. I started my own business as a photographer, doing family portraits, photos of kids, and weddings. Then COVID hit, so the weddings and reunions and everything stopped happening. As a photographer, I was non-essential personnel!

Since I’ve always loved the details of homes and architecture, I started shooting those a bit, and wound up getting really interested in what makes a great house. And from there, I realized I might be interested in helping others buy and sell great houses.

Asheville NC Amber Bennett

But photography is still a passion of yours, right?

Oh yeah. It’s nice to have the freedom just to shoot for myself! I’m also into hiking and anything art-aligned. I like to try experimenting in different media — charcoal, painting … even macrame! I just find creating things to be very relaxing. Oh, and dancing! I took it when I was younger for a good chunk of my childhood, and I still love it, though, these days I stick to living room dance parties with my kids.

Amber Bennett Asheville WNC RealtorOh, cool! When we have things like that we’re excited about, we tend to develop extra skills. Now that you've been a realtor for awhile — and are pretty passionate about it, too — have you developed any realty superpowers?

I guess I’d have to say that my fondness for details has always set me apart. Paying very close attention to the details has been helpful, both to me and my clients. I really dig deep into the various features/issues of the houses my clients are buying or selling. For sellers, that’s so I can understand better how to position it in a competitive market. For buyers, it can be useful in sussing out potential problems with a property before we get too far into the buying process. 

Also, I’m pretty good at explaining to people in understandable ways how all these details impact their transactions. It’s really important to me that people understand where they are in the process of buying or selling a home. 

Mosaic has a rich culture of being a positive force in our community. What ways do you enjoy giving back to the area?

I’m in my kids’ PTO at Bell, and I’m always in the schools, so much of my giving back is kid-oriented. I’d already done some gratis photography for the Buncombe County Partnership for Children before joining Mosaic, so I would like to continue to help them. My fundraising activities at Mosaic will center around making sure kids get what they need. Though it might not seem to be child-related at first, I’m really looking forward to getting involved with BeLoved, too. For kids and adults alike, a home is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! 

Amber Bennett Asheville Real EstateSince you’re a born-and-bred local, and many of our readers likely aren’t, tell us: Do you have certain neighborhoods/communities in which you especially love to work and why?

Oh, jeez. I really don’t. I’ve lived in every quadrant of town and they’re all pretty rad! Pretty much every place in the county offers something unique and beautiful. Seriously, you just can’t go wrong.

Amber Bennett WNC RealtorFair enough. We feel that way, too! Since all of it is your favorite, maybe a more appropriate question would be: What is the MOST special thing about the Asheville area?

The people are a unique blend and they add a huge value across the board — so many are artists, makers, entrepreneurs. Their kindness and welcoming natures are so refreshing, I think it’s why so many people have a hard time leaving when they visit. 

That and the fact that our area is gorgeous! You are simply immersed in nature here. Even driving to the grocery store! People always ask about homes with views, and I tell them that even if the home itself doesn’t have a stunning vista, they’ll be living in the middle of so much beauty, they can drive five minutes in any direction and discover an amazing view … anytime of year, too!

Connect with Amber Bennett at, or call her at 828.242.1596.

Learn More: About Amber Bennett



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