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How to Find a Green Home in the Asheville Area

With an increased focus on eco-conscious living, more people are choosing to go green when purchasing a home. The Asheville area is replete with many green-home options, suited to a variety of aesthetics, lifestyles and neighborhoods. Here’s your guide to the benefits of green homes, and how to find one in the Asheville area.

How to Find a Green Home in AshevilleWhat is a green home? 

Development of communities has a major impact on the natural environment. As Asheville and the surrounding Western N.C. region continue to experience population growth – and the subsequent real estate growth – building homes in a way that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes sustainability is increasingly important. That’s where green homes come in.

Green homes incorporate sustainable design to increase energy, water and material efficiency, reducing adverse impacts on occupants’ health as well as the environment. In addition to the structure of a green home, eco-building involves taking into account site, community and land-use planning. 

Green homes include details both great and small. Energy Star appliances ensure reduction in water and electricity usage. Things like improved insulation, programmable thermostats, sustainable materials, and geothermal and solar energy are also hallmarks of a green home. 

Benefits of a green home

We all know the obvious cost-saving benefits of owning a green home, but the perks go way beyond your wallet. Green homes are built in a way that enhances and protects the biodiversity and ecosystems of the surrounding environment. They improve air and water quality, reduce waste streams, and conserve and restore natural resources. They improve occupant health, comfort and overall quality of life. They also reduce dependence and strain on the local utility infrastructure.

WNC Green Homes for SaleThe Asheville real estate brokers who can help you find green homes

As the popularity of green homes continues to grow in the Asheville area, it’s important to have knowledgeable brokers by your side to help you navigate the market. An early leader in the Asheville real estate market’s green movement, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty has a roster of brokers well-versed in the ins and outs of eco-conscious building, so they can expertly guide you as you embark on your green-home search. 

Mosaic is a proud sponsor of Green Built Alliance, an Asheville-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting sustainability in the building industry, and a go-to resource when you’re ready to go green. In addition,Mosaic’s real estate brokers have worked with the region’s leading green builders to help advance sustainable homes in and around Asheville, and they have helped hundreds of eco-minded buyers find the green home of their dreams.

To learn more about available green homes in Asheville and Western N.C., please contact us at, or call us anytime at 828-707-9556.

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