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The Allure of Buying a Historic Home in Asheville

Historic homes have a charm all their own, structurally singular and visually stunning, with unique details both massive and minute. No wonder such properties are so sought-after, especially in Asheville and the surrounding region. The Asheville area is famed for its historic properties and art deco structures, and boasts a range of neighborhoods on the National Registry of Historic Places. 

Asheville Area Historic Homes

Check Out 36 Evelyn Place, pictured above!

Come home to history in Asheville

Generally speaking, a historic home must be at least a certain age (usually at least 50 years old), be recognizably the same form as when it became historic, and be associated with an event, person or architectural style of historical significance. Historic homes are sometimes eligible for special grant awards for preservation. Asheville-area organizations, including municipal commissions and nonprofit groups, offer services to research or document the history of a home.  

Historic homes hold allure for a range of reasons. They contain lots of special details – think unique windows, hand-crafted ceiling molding, intricate roofing and the like – that result in a home brimming with character. Historic homes are well-built, with solid bones and materials meant to leave them standing for centuries. Owning and caring for a historic home not only benefits the homeowner, but also benefits the community. It brings continued beauty to a neighborhood, and helps to increase property values.

Historic Homes in the Asheville AreaAsheville real estate brokers to guide you in finding your historic home

When you’re ready to begin your historic-home search in the Asheville area, Mosaic Realty is here to help. Mosaic’s agents are well-versed in historic homes as well as the neighborhoods that boast high concentrations of such properties. They know how to prepare you for your search, and can guide you through the intricacies of such things as historic-home inspections. 

If you’re in the market for a historic home in Asheville, it’s important to understand the added maintenance such properties necessitate. Additionally, there may be restrictions around structural changes, renovations and building materials. Repairs and renovations require a keen and careful approach, often with a specialized building contractor with experience working on historic properties. Mosaic’s agents have a firm grasp of the ins and outs of caring for historic homes, and can help you understand and appreciate the added responsibilities such ownership entails. Their relationships with specialized contractors and inspectors mean they can connect you with the right people during, and after, the buying process.

Ready to begin your historic-home search in the Asheville area? Please contact us at, or call us anytime at 828-707-9556, to get started.

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