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Asheville App Makes Reporting and Resolving City Issues Easy

Whether it’s a growing pothole, a foliage-obscured stop sign, or a backed-up stormwater drain, reporting an issue that requires the City of Asheville’s attention is a lot easier and more streamlined thanks to The Asheville App. This simple online tool allows you to notify the city via smartphone or computer about an array of issues requiring official attention, then track the progress and results of your request.Asheville App

Address Asheville neighborhood issues quickly

Enhancing the connectivity of the city to its residents, The Asheville App takes what used to be a cumbersome task – getting phoned-in city issues through to the right person, in the right department, at the right time – and turns it into a streamlined approach that cuts out all the unnecessary steps to resolving the problem. Instantly routing service requests to the correct administrator in the appropriate department means quick and efficient responses and resolutions. Interacting with Asheville city government has never been easier!    

Here’s how it works: Asheville App users who spot a problem can enter a service request at or on their smartphone using the downloadable app. Residents can submit their location along with their service request and can even provide a photo of the problem spot. The Asheville App then takes that request and sends it directly to the relevant city department personnel, allowing for quicker response time to the issue. 

The Asheville AppTrack the status of your service request

Curious about the status of your city service request? A tracking tool allows you to monitor progress on the repair, and you can even communicate with city employees directly if you need further information. Finally, once the repair request or issue has been addressed or resolved, the app will notify the user.

Some of the common issues to which you can alert the City of Asheville via The Asheville App include:

  • Potholes, sidewalk hazards or accessibility issues, street lights, street sign damage, street sign requests
  • Abandoned vehicles, injured or deceased animals, hazardous waste
  • Overgrown lots, brush collection requests, graffiti
  • Fire hydrant leaks, water leaks, stormwater or draining issues
  • Planning and zoning, code or short-term rental violations
  • Trash collection, litter, trees and right of way

The Asheville App can be found and downloaded at

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