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Good Times at Montford Music and Art Festival


Montford Festival Stage

For the past 12 years, the Montford community has banded together and put on a memorable Asheville festival experience in the heart of Montford Historic District.  The 13th Annual Montford Music and Arts Festival is almost here!  The festivities will take place Saturday, May 21st from 10 am-7pm on the gorgeous and tree-lined Montford Avenue.  As a bonus incentive to go, all proceeds from the festival go to fund the projects of the Montford Neighborhood Association.  


Festival Performers


As of the publication of this blog post, the performance schedule for Montford Festival has yet to be announced.  Past performers have been mostly locally rooted and of diverse genres.  They have spanned classifications such as bluegrass traditionalists, Buncombe Turnpike to Evergreen Charter School’s EMBE Marimba Band to One Tribe reggae to the Bandana Klezmer Band.  Whatever the festival production staff has planned for us, it is sure to inspire dancing in the streets.


Montford Festival Performer


Art of Asheville

Montford Music and Art festival is a premier opportunity to experience the wealth of artistic talent from a variety of media found in this community.  The festival-goer will be able to peruse the finery of potters, textile artists, jewelers, woodworkers, sculptors, craftsmen, fine artists and even face paint artists.


Other Vendors


Outside of the realm of art, there are opportunities to check out other local businesses.  There will be health and wellness vendors such as essential oil advocates, and chiropractic and massage practitioners.  You can even find craft brewing and gardening vendors.  The festival provides a casual atmosphere to take in the talents of Asheville area craftsmen and practitioners.


Food Truck Heaven


Consistent with a growing trend in the Asheville foodie cosmos, there will be many of the city’s beloved food truck vendors representing at Montford Festival this year.  Doc Brown’s Barbeque and Gypsy Queen Cuisine are among them.  Organic lemonade and sweet treats, festival staples, will also be available.


Historical Architecture


The festivities are not the only reason to come to this celebration.  The setting is magical!  Montford Avenue is lined with spectacular homes largely built around the turn of the 20th century.  You will find a dreamy melange of architectural wonders. Go on an expedition to locate stellar examples of Victorian, Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts, Neoclassical, Colonial Revival and more.  Take a moment to stroll away from the buzz of the festival and take in the eye candy that the Montford neighborhood has to offer.


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Suggested Reading and Sources


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River Arts District Neighborhood of Asheville = RAD

River Arts District Asheville

Undeniably, the neighborhood in Asheville that is undergoing the most radical change at the moment is the River Arts District.

This district is situated just southwest of downtown Asheville, nestled between the bustling central business district, historic Biltmore Village and funky West Asheville.  The French Broad River defines the neighborhood’s western border and brings with it many eager river adventurers.  However, it has not always been quite the cultural hub that it is now.

History of the River Arts District in Asheville

Historic River Arts District AshevilleBy the late 1800s, Asheville’s industrial district had settled in the low-lying area surrounding the French Broad River.  During this time, the railroad, still active today as the Norfolk Southern, brought scores of people to town.

In the 1980s, as downtown Asheville began to see a slow renaissance and artists faced higher rents there, many of them set up shop in the industrial buildings lining the banks of the French Broad River.  1994 marked the first official studio stroll, and hence the name River Arts District began to take effect.  

Around the turn of the century, a few Asheville entrepreneurs began to recognize the opportunity in the area and set up businesses such as the Grey Eagle Music Hall and the Wedge Brewery, which are still thriving today.  The momentum has continued through the last 15 years with many businesses experiencing success in the area.

Today, there are plans for a Visitor’s Center with public parking and restrooms and many other improvements in the works.  The city was awarded a federal grant titled Tiger VI to improve transportation in and around the River District.  Ahead of the improved infrastructure, many local businesses are looking to be a part of this area.

River Arts District Culture

River Arts StudiosThis neighborhood is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Asheville. (Link)  It’s friendliness to alternative transportation is only increasing as the city is investing more and more in infrastructure for greenways, sidewalks and bike lanes.  

The plethora of craft beers, artisan cocktails, fine dining and casual bites to eat is overwhelming and on the rise.  Our detailed blog post on river culture in Asheville lays out some of our favorite destinations in the River Arts District as well as some outstanding pass times.

Architectural Styles of the River Arts District

 Historic cottages dot the hillside of Chicken Hill, facing west over the river and south over the center of the business district.  In the past few years, some historic industrial buildings have been renovated to include studio apartments near artists’ studio spaces.  

New construction is popping up all along the River Arts District featuring mostly condos and modern style homes.  These homes are designed to reduce urban sprawl and to take advantage of the walkability of this neighborhood.

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