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Food and Drink in Western North Carolina

The breathtaking Blue Ridge terrain enveloping Asheville and Western North Carolina has long-established the area’s reputation as a mountain lover’s mecca. But in recent years, Asheville and the surrounding towns have reached the pinnacle of another scene: food and drink. Thanks to farm-collaborative dining, a creative craft cocktail culture, and the unrivaled micro-brew boom – all encompassing the region’s locally driven mindset – the cities of Western North Carolina have become an epicurean’s escape like no other.

Locally Sourced

The many farms that populate the area mean locally sourced fare is a mainstay on most menus. The farms of Western North Carolina produce everything from grassfed beef and pastured pork to heirloom grains and cave-aged cheeses. And the region’s restaurants have taken full advantage of their proximity to such an eclectic range of farm-fresh products, crafting their menus around seasonal offerings and incorporating the freshest finds into their dishes.

Creatively Crafted

The region’s craft cocktail scene has gained a large, loyal following, thanks to carefully curated, thoughtful recipes that incorporate seasonal, locally grown herbs, fruits and vegetables to produce the freshest drinks possible. From bustling eateries with popular bars, to laid-back lounges devoted exclusively to the art of the creative cocktail, there’s no shortage of spots to experience the region’s spirited side.


Independently Operated

With dozens of local, independent breweries, it’s no wonder Western North Carolina has garnered national attention as an innovative, progressive player in the micro-brew boom. Branching from the craft-brew epicenter of Asheville’s South Slope, the local-tap trend has reached all corners of the region, providing beer aficionados with high-quality, painstakingly crafted brews boasting flavor undertones that break new ground – think jalapeno, raspberries, dark chocolate, even peanut butter.

Beyond beer, the region’s wine bars, cideries, coffee and tea shops, even kombucha brewers give you ample reason to toast the town!

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