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Residential rebates for home insulation and air sealing

Properly insulating and air-sealing your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. It cuts off the drafts and makes your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

With the Home Energy Improvement Program from Duke Energy, you can get up to a $500 rebate. The incentive pays 37.5 cents per square foot, up to a maximum $500 rebate. Schedule an appointment with one of their prequalified contractors today. Want to know more about common air leaks in your attic, and how they're fixed? Download the PDF guide to air sealing and insulation. You may need attic insulation upgrades if you have: o Drafty rooms o Hot and cold rooms; uneven temperatures between rooms o High heating or cooling bills o An AC or heater that runs constantly, even when you think it shouldn't o Dry indoor air in winter o Dust (especially in rooms directly below the attic)

To be eligible, your home must have a centrally ducted heat pump or central AC and your contractor must seal the attic for air leaks and upgrade insulation to a minimum of R-30 from R-19 or less.


  1. Michael on

    Great Points I really need this information for proper insulating my home. I am glad to found your post. Thanks for sharing.
    • Deanna R. Jones on

      It seems as though there are a lot of savings that come with having a well insulated home. I can see how insulating your home to make it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without using your HVAC more can help to save you money, but I didn't know that there are companies that have energy programs designed to incentivize people to improve their homes to be more energy efficient. I would definitely want to insulate and air seal my home for a $500 rebate. Do most companies offer up to a $500 rebate, or is it only this company from the Home Energy Improvement Program? It would be good to know about companies that offer good rebates to give me more of an incentive to make my house more energy efficient.
      • alex on

        Great post and thanks for sharing these article and check my site also regarding insulation rebates

        Asheville Council considers new West Asheville zoning plan

        West-Asheville-zoning This artist rendering from the new Haywood Road zoning plan highlights the kind of pedestrian friendly dense growth it's supposed to encourage.

        If all goes according to plan, a zoning change being considered by Asheville City Council Sept. 9 could eventually help lead to a more walkable and densely developed West Asheville -- all while maintaining its historical feel.

        At least that's the goal of new rules called "form-based zoning" that have been in the works for more than a year. The plan regulates based on size, scale and design instead of use, making it more friendly to mixed-use development and, its advocates contend, a more adaptable way of setting predictable rules for an area. It's a very different approach from the city's previous development rules and, if city officials think it's a success, could provide a model for overhauling other neighborhoods as well... more

        Read the entire article here Author:Jake Frankel

        Grove Park - Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Tour of Homes

        SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 11AM-­-5PM The Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood will hold its annual Tour of Homes Showcasing 11 unique stops. Come see a remarkable variety of homes this year from all situated in the beautiful Grove Park district.

        Click here to see current listings of homes for sale in Grove Park



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          Remaking a West Asheville block

          mardisbuilding16 New development around Russ Towers' business has spurred development inside his shop. Second Gear, an outdoor consignment shop, has seen record-setting sales in the past three months, since he's welcomed new neighbors King Daddy's Chicken & Waffle and a clothing store, Rhetorical Factory, in the Mardis Building at 444 Haywood Road. "Our sales have climbed consistently through the years," said Towers, who owns the newly renovated Depression-era building with father-and-son team, Sam Walker and Austin Walker. "May, June and July have all been record setting months -- we were up this July 35 percent over last July."

          The shop's success in its 10th year of business is "a combination of things," he noted, but he partly credits "other businesses who are bringing in new traffic" and the renovations inside the shop, which has "created a better flow."...more

          Read the entire article here


          Originally published in Citizen Times by Carol Motsinger,

          Photo: Robert Bradley,


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                Asheville asking highest home prices since recession


                                                                                                                                                                                     Home sale prices climbed by 7.8 percent to an average of $267,169 in Asheville and Buncombe County compared to last year,according to national real estate data firm CoreLogic.



                Home sellers in Buncombe County are asking the highest prices since the Great Recession.

                The average asking price for all homes for sale in July was $473,962, up 8 percent from a year ago.

                "That's the highest average asking price since August 2008. We're back to where the housing bubble burst," said Don Davies, a local market analyst and real estate broker.

                Meanwhile, home sale prices climbed by 7.8 percent in the Asheville metro area of Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson and Madison counties, according to national real estate data firm CoreLogic.

                In Buncombe County, the typical home sold for $267,169 for January through June. "Prices continue to go up for us," said Mary Love, an agent with Keller-Williams.

                In the past year, 35 percent of Buncombe homes sold in less than 60 days, while another third of homes have been sitting on the market for five months or more, according to the second quarter report from Beverly-Hanks & Associates, Asheville's largest real estate agency. The report indicated that "a significant number of homes need to be repriced in order to sell." ...more

                Read the entire article here.

                Dale Neal,

                Photo: John Coutlakis/


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                        Just a few more days to reach fundraising goal for THE GREENWAYS TO TRAILS CAMPAIGN

                         CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT THIS GREAT GREEN PROJECT? Connecting the French Broad River Greenway to the Farmer's Market, Arboretum & Bent Creek Trails and Biltmore Park! 

                        June 1st through July 31st Fundraising Goal of $20,000 
                        Imagine being able to someday safely walk or bike from Asheville to the NC Arboretum and onto Biltmore Park or vice versa. One of the eight priority corridors identified in the Buncombe County Greenways and Trails Master Plan is the corridor between the French Broad River and Hominy Creek Greenways, along Brevard Road, past the WNC Famer's Market, out to the hiking and biking trails of Bent Creek and the Arboretum, and Biltmore Park.
                        The first step in making this a reality is a feasibility study.  Buncombe County has partnered with Friends of Connect Buncombe and will apply for a grant to complete a study of the entire corridor for greenways and trails. We are appreciative of the leadership of the County.  In return, Friends of Connect Buncombe is committed to raising the 20% matching funds necessary for the grant process. This study will examine possible routes for a single or multiple pathways.  The goal of this campaign is to raise $20,000 for the study.
                        We would like to thank the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club for kick starting our campaign with a $1000 donation!"The BRBC is happy to help Friends of Connect Buncombe start their crowdfuding efforts for a greenway along the Brevard Road corridor. This group embodies the mission of BRBC to make it possible for more people in our community to ride bicycles," Joe Sanders, President.
                        We would also like to thank Asheville Outlets for their generous donation in support of Greenways and Trails along the Brevard Road corridor. We hope many other businesses will join us in helping make this a destination road connected to our businesses and communities.
                        Motion Makers Bicycle Shop has also joined our campaign and "hopes more businesses will jump on board and work towards making Brevard Road a destination by enhancing the quality of life for its customers, employees, and neighbors through the development of greenways which can connect us all in so many positive ways." Kent Cranford, owner.

                        Please help us reach our $20,000 goal and share this page and video with your friends.  Together we can make a difference.

                        WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT, DONATE TODAY! 
                        I/We would like to support FoCB Crowd Funding Campaign with a contribution (Membership is included with all donations over $35):

                        What do I love most about Asheville?

                        Justin Mitchell of Mosaic Realtyby Justin Mitchell, Realtor at Mosaic Realty
                        I love Asheville for it's small town charm, big city amenities and a lifestyle that can only be found in a southern mountain town. As a lover of outdoor adventure, I have world class hiking and mountain bike trails to explore when I need an adrenaline fix and rivers, swimming holes and mountain top views when I am looking to relax.
                        As an artist and music lover, I know it takes more than mountains to keep me entertained, and Asheville has a diverse music and arts culture that is rare for a mountain town its size. I especially love that by living close to downtown, I have ability to walk or bike from my house an enjoy a amazing meal and a wide arrange of music and art galleries in just a few minutes.
                        The amenities and lifestyle are hard to beat. However, Asheville wouldn't be Asheville with out the creative and passionate people that make up this city. The rich cultural heritage of the area intertwined with fresh and exciting ideas of new comers to the area creates an environment that is uniquely Asheville. There's a creative element that you don't find in too many places and one that has encouraged me pursue my love of photography and video and combine it with both my passion for outdoor adventure and my professional career in Real Estate.
                        If you share this feeling, I would love to help you call Asheville home. Call me at 828-713-9400 or email
                        Visit my personal website for more photos and videos of the Asheville experience.


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                          Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass' favor.

                          Asheville out of recession faster than most cities

                          This month marks the fifth anniversary since the Great Recession supposedly ended.

                          It may or may not feel like a recovery, depending on whether you got laid off or saw any raise, found a new job or didn't, or if anything else happened to you or your loved ones in the tough labor market. The economist John Maynard Keynes said animal spirits, those energies and enthusiasms, drive markets and consumers more so than mathematical formulas.

                          But looking at the figures, Asheville has fared far better than most cities, coming out of the worst economic downturn of our lifetimes.

                          Would you believe we're just shy of the top 10 in the whole country for the fastest recovery?  more...

                          Read entire article here.


                          This is the opinion of Dale Neal. Reach him at or 232-5970 or @dale_neal.



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                                  Beverly Hills: "The Nicest Urban Forest in Asheville"

                                  Beverly Hills, Asheville NCI have a problem with Beverly Hills... there are very rarely any homes for sale there!  I live in Beverly Hills myself and I sure am not giving up my corner cottage across from the Municipal Golf Course and other homeowners feel the same way. Termed the "nicest urban forest in Asheville" by one of the area's leading arborists, Beverly Hills, with its canopied streets, provides a natural respite from city living, but it's only a 5 minute drive to downtown Asheville,  I40, 240 and the Blueridge Parkway.  The neighbors are friendly and nightly walks around the golf course are a routine for many.  Dogs, strollers, joggers and walkers all promenade, nod or stop to chat.  The prices are reasonable, in fact, I think TOO low, making it Asheville's little secret.  But I'm letting you in on it now.

                                  Want to take a look at homes for sale  in this lovely area?  Click here to see the current listings available in Beverly Hills.



                                  Sandra Brooks of Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty


                                  Sandra Brooks, Broker 828-333-2500 MOSAIC Community Lifestyle Realty

                                  Featured "Agent of the Week" on The River 98.1





                                  1. Roger Perry on

                                    Great Tip. Thanks for sharing. We are actually starting a crazy big project here in a few weeks and will take all the advice we can get. Let us know at Thanks again.

                                    Mosaic Realty proud sponsor of HomeGrown in Pritchard!

                                    Homegrown in Pritchard Concert Flyer

                                    Come join Mosaic Realty and 98.1 the RIVER for HomeGrown in Pritchard, a FREE concert series in Pritchard Park featuring local musicians Thursday nights from 6pm - 8pm. HomeGrown in Pritchard is part of the Pritchard Park Cultural Arts Program from the Asheville Downtown Association. Mosaic will have a table set up with an agent, so if you have any questions about buying or selling a house, feel free to find us and ask, or just come by to say Hi and let us know if you've heard our spots on the radio! This week, Alyssa Augustine is our Featured Agent of the Week. Read about Alyssa and Mosaic here.

                                    Check out the concert schedule below:

                                    June 5th - Oso Rey June 12th - Nikki Talley June 19th - The Toothe June 26th - Leigh Glass Band July 3rd - Lyric July 10th - Aaron Lafalce July 17th - Jeff Santiago July 24th - Red Honey July 31st - The Night Trotters August 7th - Ben Wilson August 14th - Kellin Watson August 21st - Aaron Woody Wood/The Sufi Brothers August 28th - Molly Rose (Of Underhill Rose)




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