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Asheville, NC: Where it's Hip to be Sober

Fresh Juices

Asheville is renowned for its locally crafted adult beverages.  Known nationally as Beer City USA, it has also garnered attention for its craft cocktail scene as well as its growing wine culture.  Where does that leave the non-drinker? Fortunately, artisan options abound for the alcohol-free imbiber as well!


KombuchaKombucha, known as the “immortal health elixer” by the Chinese, is a fizzy tea with a slight taste of vinegar that has been around for over 2000 years. It is made from black tea and sugar and fermented by a colony of yeast and bacteria.  These lively carbonated beverages are filled with enzymes and probiotics.  There are innumerable claims to health benefits, including increased energy, improved digestion and immune support.

Buchi Kombucha, perhaps the largest maker of kombucha in our area, bottles its beverages and distributes them to local health food stores.  You can also find it at local taps such as the one at Rosetta’s Kitchen.  Fill a growler to go or sip at several restaurants around town.

Bhramari Brewing Company features its Kombucharia, where you can get a number of uniquely flavored kombucha on tap. They partner with local tea house Dobra Tea to create these tantalizing drinks.


TeaDobra Tea has three locations in downtown Asheville, Black Mountain and West Asheville.  Their tea offerings are extensive and perfectly prepared and their tea rooms are ideal for settling in with a hot beverage and good conversation.  The food forward eater will find plenty to snack on since most of their menu items are gluten free and vegan.


Noble Kava, located on Haywood Road in West Asheville, provides a unique drinking experience. Kava is a beverage made from a root that is native to the Western Pacific islands.  This drink, popular socially in the South Pacific, is gaining popularity in the United States as well due to some potential health benefits including easing anxiety and sleeplessness.

Smoothies and Juice Bars

You can really step up your healthy drink game by checking out the fresh and tasty juices and smoothies at Farmacy Juice and Tonic Bar in the West Village Market, Elements Real Food downtown or the Mountain Juicery in south Asheville.  Sip these juices after fresh pressing or pick up an entire pre-bottled juice cleanse regimen to continue at home.  Laughing Seed Cafe and Green Sage Cafe also offer superfood juices that can be enjoyed in a pint glass at their downtown locations.

Coffee and Hot Cocoa

CoffeeThere are multiple places to get a fantastic cup of coffee in Asheville. Among some of our favorites are Izzy’s, Odd’s Cafe and Battle Cat on the West side of town.  Downtown, check out High Five Coffee, World Coffee and Izzy’s Coffee Den.

The perfect mug of hot cocoa can be paired with artisan handmade truffles at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge on Pack Square.  Take it to go and explore downtown Asheville with liquid heaven in hand while all of those beer drinkers are confined to their bar stools!

Cheers to your health!

For more information on our community and real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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Explore Historic Neighborhoods in Asheville

Montford Colonial Revival

Asheville, North Carolina is lucky to have a number of well-preserved historic districts among its many and varied neighborhoods.  Gorgeous examples of diverse styles of architecture are represented throughout these communities.  Many of them are graced with sidewalks, small businesses, public parks and are desirable for their walkability.

If you are considering buying an historic home for its aesthetic benefits and unmatched architecture, or simply curious about these majestic abodes, take a look the 8 historic neighborhoods featured here.

Historic Kenilworth

KenilworthThis lovely neighborhood sits perched atop some rolling hills just south of downtown Asheville.  Bungalows and other larger homes, mostly built in the 1920s, define the architectural style. There are also some prime examples of Spanish architecture found among the huge hardwoods.

The neighborhood’s location near the hospital, downtown Asheville and Biltmore Village make it convenient for many professionals.  There is also a public park and a small lake with peaceful views nestled in the center of the community.

Montford Historic District

MontfordThis centrally-located neighborhood is just a stone’s throw outside of downtown Asheville.  It had its heyday at the turn of the 20th century with many of the city’s professionals built large and colorful homes along the central corridor of Montford Avenue and its surrounding blocks.  

Today, some of the largest homes are now operating as bed and breakfast establishments, but most are still single family residences.  Homes in architectural styles such as Victorian, Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts and Neoclassical sit majestically overlooking the tree-lined streets.


BeaverdamThe Beaverdam neighborhood is located in a gorgeous valley to the north of downtown.  The opening of the valley is conveniently located off of Merrimon Avenue, a straight shot into downtown and all of the conveniences it offers.  The back of the valley leads up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for easy access to hiking and biking in America’s most visited national park.

The historic homes in this valley are mostly a farmhouse style in a pastoral setting.  If you follow Beaverdam Road, parallel to Beaverdam Creek, you can glimpse some of these vintage farmhouses and cabins.

LakeView Park

Lake View ParkThis community of 485 homes surrounding Beaver Lake and Park in north Asheville has a blend of architectural styles and a good number of historical homes, built mostly in the 1920s, among the residences.  

The lake itself was created in 1923 by esteemed urban planner and architect John Nolen.  The lake and its surrounding trail system are privately owned and maintained by residents of Lakeview Park. This neighborhood offers proximity to downtown Asheville in balance with serene lakeside living.


Historic Grove Park Neighborhood

Grove ParkThis classic North Asheville neighborhood is known for its stately homes, Grove Park Inn golf course vistas and immaculately landscaped terraced yards.  Designed and developed by Edwin Wiley Grove, this area incorporates Neoclassical, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival and Bungalow styles of architecture among others.

The famous Grove Park Inn sits on the hillside overlooking the central thoroughfare of Kimberly Avenue.  Several restaurants and bars provide meeting spots for locals along Charlotte Street.

Biltmore Forest

Biltmore ForestBiltmore Forest, once a part of the Biltmore Estate, is not only a neighborhood, but actually a town of almost three square miles as well.  It is located between the Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Parkway and is characterized by its enormous hardwood trees.

The first homes were built around 1923 on White Oak Road.  While there are newer sections of the neighborhood, the areas closest to Biltmore Village and Hendersonville Road feature large historic homes on generous lots.

Biltmore Village

Biltmore VillageHistoric Biltmore Village was initially created as a community for the workers of the Biltmore Estate during its late 19th century construction. The architectural style is very unique with its pebbledash post and beam walls, high pitched roofs and heavy stone foundations inspired by Biltmore Estate architect Richard Sharp Smith.

Though the village is largely filled with businesses at this point, there are a few residences in the community that can enjoy the convenience of a completely walkable neighborhood.

Historic West Asheville

West Asheville HistoricHistoric West Asheville has a style entirely its own.  Many of the homes in this district were built in the 1920s in a bungalow style with large front porches and low-hanging eaves.  In recent decades, the area has undergone a kind of renaissance with people renovating many of these historic homes and revitalizing the central business corridor on Haywood Road, a lively downtown of its own.

For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    Eco-Friendly Home Holiday Decorations that Sparkle

    Holiday Candle

    The winter holiday season, associated with bedazzled homes and celebratory times, is all too often associated with excessive waste as well.  The aftermath of the celebrations frequently involves loads of crumpled paper and dying trees - hardly the epilogue for an eco-minded celebration.

    Holiday decorating and celebrating does not have to be synonymous with waste, however.  Here, we offer you 6 ideas for taking steps toward a greener home during the holiday season this year.

    1. Choose a green lighting scheme.

    LED Christmas LightsWhen the time comes to replace those endless strings of holiday lights, opt to replace them with LED string lights.  LED lights use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.  Invest in a programmable timer for both Christmas tree lights and an outdoor one for your neighborhood display.  Choose natural candles made from soy or other vegetable waxes as opposed to petoleum-based paraffin.  

    2. Make your own holiday cards.

    Recycled Holiday CardThe best cards are ones that take some effort to pull together.  With a bit of forethought, you can have a stack of paper already collected throughout the months preceding the holidays that could be perfect for assembling into cards.  Images from glossy magazines, children’s art, and even tissue paper can be pieced together into a personalized card that is a masterpiece! For those of us with no talent for crafting, there are always electronic cards that generate zero waste.

    3.  Opt for a living tree this year.

    You can give yourself a gift that keeps on giving by avoiding the Christmas tradition of harvesting a tree then discarding it on the curb a month later.  Choose instead to decorate or purchase a living tree.  For a small table top tree, you can buy a carefully pruned rosemary tree. Some local Christmas tree farms even allow you to choose your own living Christmas trees.  Or, choose a favorite houseplant, such as a Norfolk Island Pine, to decorate and nurture all year round.  All of these plants will go on to contribute to fresher air throughout their lifespan.

    4.  Reuse or make your own gift wrap.

    Recycled Wrapping PaperOne of the most wasteful traditions at the holidays is the use of purchased gift wrap.  There are so many creative alternatives to purchasing holiday gift wrap.  For starters, collect all gift bags and boxes after exchanging presents, store them in a container and reuse them next year.  If your reuse supply is dwindling, consider wrapping gifts in spare fabric, old maps, newspapers, shoe boxes, jars and cans or even old calendars. It’s almost a new year anyway!

    5. Make an upcycled wreath.

    Rather than purchasing a wreath, choose to make a beautiful upcycled wreath from most any material that you have an abundance of. This article from Inhabitat highlights how most any material can be arranged, with the power of symmetry and color, into a fun and festive door decoration.  Kids will love this project!

    6.  Find or make your ugly Christmas sweaters.

    Ugly Christmas SweaterWhatever you do, don’t buy an ugly Christmas sweater new!  With all of the energy that it takes to make a sweater and ship it (likely from far away), buying a new ugly sweater makes no sense at all.  Walk to your nearest thrift shop.  You are almost certain to find a plethora of hideous Christmas sweaters to choose from to rock at your next holiday party. Or better yet, make one by attaching any leftover ornaments, bells and tinsel you can find...the more the merrier!

    For information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    Explore the Montford Holiday Tour of Homes in Asheville

    Montford Neighborhood Holiday Tour

    Have you ever driven through Montford neighborhood near downtown Asheville and wondered about the interiors of the stunning and unique homes in this central historic district?  For a glimpse of holiday ambiance reminiscent of turn of the century Asheville, attend the 21st Annual Montford Holiday Tour of Homes.  

    On Saturday, December 10th from 1:00-5:00pm, residents of some of Montford Historic District’s most gorgeous homes will be opening their doors and welcoming visitors.

    Montford: Historic Architecture

    Montford Holiday Tour of HomesThe self-guided tour features eclectic architecture in both lovingly restored and newly constructed homes that honor the historic styles of the turn of the 20th century. Many of the featured homes are located within the National Register Historic District.  Architectural styles in this district include Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Queen Anne, Neoclassical, Colonial Revival and castle-style homes.

    This unique Asheville neighborhood is a reflection of a period of tremendous growth and wealth in Asheville.  The homes are colorful and grand in their individuality.  With wide, tree-lined streets, sidewalks, parks, a recreation center, quaint cafes and restaurants and an historic cemetery, you can make a day of the excursion by exploring the neighborhood's many highlights before the tour.

    A Fundraiser for Montford Neighborhood

    Montford Holiday Tour of HomesThanks to the volunteer time and hospitality of the residents, festive treats and entertainment will be provided.  Tickets are $25 each and include admission, a tour map and information about each of the featured properties.

    Proceeds from the fundraiser benefit the Montford Neighborhood Association for neighborhood improvement projects as well as programs for youth at the Montford Recreation Center.

    Tickets may be purchased at or at the Asheville Visitors Center gift shop.

    Mosaic Realty is proud to be sponsoring this event!  For more information on neighborhoods or real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    Shop Locally in Asheville to Support Public Schools

    Go Local Asheville

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, many people’s thoughts are turning toward gift procurement. It is easy to fall into the trap of online shopping with all of the convenience it offers.  Let us point out an alternative with many benefits, including support of our local businesses, support of our local schools and, of course, the coveted convenience!

    2017 Go LocalThe Go Local card is a program of the Asheville Grown Business Alliance that features over 400 locally-owned independent businesses in our area.  Purchasing a card is a fantastic way to make a commitment to supporting the thriving and unique business culture in Asheville as well as supporting local public schools.  The 2016 card raised over $18,000 for our public schools and the goal is to surpass that number in 2017.

    The 2017 Go Local card will be available to purchase by the end of November at Asheville Grown and in the offices of local public schools. Cards are also available at a discount in bulk (think holiday shopping in one fell swoop)!  Half of the price of the $16 card goes to support local public schools.  You may either designate a school to support or have it spread evenly across all of the city public schools.

    This powerful card has membership benefits in many categories, including Eats Drinks and Entertainment, Fashion and Accessories, Professional Services, Health and Beauty, Outdoors and more!  The full list of discounts can be found here.

    For more information on residing in our lively community, or on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    Light up the Holidays in Asheville at the NC Arboretum

    Winter Lights Asheville

    The holiday season is not complete without a trip to scout out the best winter light displays in the area. Here, we would like to highlight one display that is created and hosted by one of our favorite Asheville area organizations, the North Carolina Arboretum.

    The North Carolina Arboretum, located on the southwest side of town off of Highway 191, is a favorite destination in warmer months due to its stunning landscape displays and fantastic exhibits.  In the past few years, they have extended their viewing season by offering up an incredible winter light display, and many area residents are beginning to claim it as a family holiday tradition.

    Arboretum Winter LightsThe 3rd Annual Winter Lights Holiday Lights Exhibit opens on Friday, November 18th and runs through Sunday, January 1st, from 6 to 10 pm every night.  Visitors walk through a self-guided tour of nearly 500,000 energy-efficient LED lights arranged to highlight the natural beauty and landscapes of the Arboretum.

    Highlights of the exhibit include a projection show and educational program about animal hibernation during winter. Other attractions include a 50 foot animated tree, Rocky Cove G-Scale model train and lighted Quilt Garden.  You can purchase festive food and beverage at the cafe, including hot cocoa, s’mores, wine and beer.

    Attending this event not only allows you to meander through a winter wonderland, but proceeds from the Winter Lights fundraiser will help the Arboretum to expand its educational programs, exhibits and facilities year-round.

    Arboretum Winter LightsWinter Lights tickets are available for purchase online at All tickets must be purchased in advance and are date-specific. Pricing is $18 for adults and $16 for children (ages 5 to 11), not including handling fees and required sales tax. Children age four and under are free.

    Mosaic Realty is a huge supporter of the North Carolina Arboretum because we believe in its mission of cultivating connections between people and plants.  For more information on our fantastic community or real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    River Arts District Neighborhood of Asheville = RAD

    River Arts District Asheville

    Undeniably, the neighborhood in Asheville that is undergoing the most radical change at the moment is the River Arts District.

    This district is situated just southwest of downtown Asheville, nestled between the bustling central business district, historic Biltmore Village and funky West Asheville.  The French Broad River defines the neighborhood’s western border and brings with it many eager river adventurers.  However, it has not always been quite the cultural hub that it is now.

    History of the River Arts District in Asheville

    Historic River Arts District AshevilleBy the late 1800s, Asheville’s industrial district had settled in the low-lying area surrounding the French Broad River.  During this time, the railroad, still active today as the Norfolk Southern, brought scores of people to town.

    In the 1980s, as downtown Asheville began to see a slow renaissance and artists faced higher rents there, many of them set up shop in the industrial buildings lining the banks of the French Broad River.  1994 marked the first official studio stroll, and hence the name River Arts District began to take effect.  

    Around the turn of the century, a few Asheville entrepreneurs began to recognize the opportunity in the area and set up businesses such as the Grey Eagle Music Hall and the Wedge Brewery, which are still thriving today.  The momentum has continued through the last 15 years with many businesses experiencing success in the area.

    Today, there are plans for a Visitor’s Center with public parking and restrooms and many other improvements in the works.  The city was awarded a federal grant titled Tiger VI to improve transportation in and around the River District.  Ahead of the improved infrastructure, many local businesses are looking to be a part of this area.

    River Arts District Culture

    River Arts StudiosThis neighborhood is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Asheville. (Link)  It’s friendliness to alternative transportation is only increasing as the city is investing more and more in infrastructure for greenways, sidewalks and bike lanes.  

    The plethora of craft beers, artisan cocktails, fine dining and casual bites to eat is overwhelming and on the rise.  Our detailed blog post on river culture in Asheville lays out some of our favorite destinations in the River Arts District as well as some outstanding pass times.

    Architectural Styles of the River Arts District

     Historic cottages dot the hillside of Chicken Hill, facing west over the river and south over the center of the business district.  In the past few years, some historic industrial buildings have been renovated to include studio apartments near artists’ studio spaces.  

    New construction is popping up all along the River Arts District featuring mostly condos and modern style homes.  These homes are designed to reduce urban sprawl and to take advantage of the walkability of this neighborhood.

    For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    Search: View all homes for sale in Asheville

    Sources/Further Reading: The History of the River Arts District



    Exquisite Mediterranean-Style Home in the Kenilworth Neighborhood of Asheville

    Exquisite Mediterranean- Style Home in Kenilworth

    11 Digges Road, Asheville, NC 28805


    2,209 Square Feet, 1.01 Acres

    3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

    Built in 2004   

    MLS# 3224525



    Peaceful SettingExquisite one-story home in the popular Kenilworth neighborhood

    Beautiful postcard-like setting on an acre at the end of a quiet road

    Walkable community with sidewalks to Kenilworth Lake and Park

    Traditional Mediterranean architectural design include private courtyards, old-world plaster walls and arched doorways

    Hand-sculpted oak posts and trim milled from trees on the property— in the living room, dining room and kitchen

    Crème de la crème of heating systems with radiant-heated Italian tile floors

    On-demand gas furnace for the radiant floor heating system

    Exterior features include a terracotta tile roof, stucco walls, arched portico and private courtyards

    Welcoming entrance with antique ornamental lamp posts, enormous clay urns, iron lantern and recessed sculpture alcove

    Open, flowing floor plan with fantastic daylighting from a multitude of Anderson aluminum-clad windows

    Great Room - Cathedral Ceiling - Exposed RafterSophisticated recessed lighting and Art Deco iron accent lighting

    Inviting great room with cathedral ceiling and exposed rafters-15.7 feet at the peak

    Coat closet in great room

    Great room opens to central dining area surrounded by large gourmet kitchen

    Enormous custom oak dining table harvested from trees on the property

    French Doors off of living area lead to main courtyard, perfect for al fresco dining

    Iron Art Deco chandelier

    Splendid kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 5-burner Dacor gas range and hood, and electric oven and warming drawer

    Corian countertops and custom tile backsplash

    Enormous Custom Oak Dining TableCustom quarter-sawn oak kitchen cabinets in chestnut stain

    Split bedroom plan ensures privacy for owners and guests

    Master bedroom wing includes a study with built-in Schuler double desk

    Gas fireplace with stone surround, site-harvested oak mantel and custom-tiled overmantel

    Master suite hallway features arched doorways and recessed sculpture alcove

    Picture rail molding and iron window hardware

    Large walk-in closet with custom shoe storage

    French Doors from master open to a private courtyard with gas outdoor fireplace and mature tulip tree

    Master bathroom has two quarter-sawn oak vanities with Corian counter tops

    Great Room Opens to Central CourtyardInternational Bath Corporation jetted tub and walk-in shower

    Make-up/dressing area and custom tile backsplash

    Light-filled hallway with recessed nook leads to guest quarters

    2 guest bedrooms have ceiling fans, ceramic tile floors, picture rail trim for artwork and large locking oak armoires for closet storage

    Guest bath has pedestal sink, walk-in shower, built-ins shelves, and glazed ceramic subway tile backsplash

    Laundry room off of kitchen utility sink in custom tile vanity

    Courtyard is landscaped with crape myrtles and a mature camelia

    Stained concrete floor and large concrete planters

    Large tile top dining table with umbrella and iron chairs will convey

    Landscaped Central Courtyard - Al Fresco DiningTwo wooden garden gates for yard access from courtyard

    Double covered carport with a work bench, and dogtrot to kitchen entrance

    High thermal mass house with no cooling needed by previous owner

    Heavily-insulated walls with plaster inside

    Electrical backup system - generator will convey

    Newer EPM roof on flat section, replaced in 2009

    Dry-stacked stone garden terraces, garden arbor, and serene wooded view

    Great spaces for raised garden beds with organic soil amendments

    Mature fig and apple trees

    4 miles to shopping, dining and entertainment in DowntownAsheville and Biltmore Village

    Close Proximity to the hospital, Whole Foods Market and Interstate


    Pergola with Grape Vine TrellisDriving/ Biking Directions: From Biltmore Avenue, turn onto Caledonia.  Turn right onto Forest Hill Drive. Turn left onto Kenilworth Road.  Turn left onto Digges Road. 11 Digges Road is on your right.

    For information about this listing, or other properties in Asheville, email Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828)-337-8190.

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    111 Robinhood Road: A Sustainable North Asheville Home with Huge Mountain Views

    111 Robinhood Asheville NC Home tour from Mosaic Realty on Vimeo.


    111 Robinhood Road, Asheville, NC 28804


    3509 Square Feet, 0.46 Acres

    3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms

    Built in 1987    MLS# 3227282

    Elegant North Asheville ContemporaryNorth Asheville contemporary with breathtaking downtown views offers a sustainable luxury home for the sophisticated consumer. From the handmade Mahogany front door to the exquisite gourmet kitchen, this home leaves nothing wanting. Custom cherry and maple built-ins, artist fabricated ironwork, master masonry stonework, lovely landscaping and vast ipe deck. Rebuilt from the studs, this home was recreated by skilled craftsmen, artists, designers and efficiency experts. See brochure for details.


    Entryway features custom fabricated ironwork by Portable

    Welding Service

    Stunning slate and granite stone work by Marc Archambault of

    Hammerhead Stoneworks

    Landscape architecture by Tony Hauser of Ambient Design

    Accent exterior landscape lighting

    Replaced driveway with new engineered retaining wall and

    driveway ($100,000)

    Whole house generator


    Zephyr Hood. Wolf Induction CooktopKitchen design by Susan Mimken

    Exquisite granite countertops by Rock Star Granite and Marble

    Pastry island with marble countertop

    Wood-Mode fine custom maple cabinetry with dovetail and soft
    close features

    Custom cabinets with built-in cutting board and knife drawer

    Wolf induction and gas cooktops

    Zephyr kitchen range hood

    Miele dishwasher, steam, and convection ovens

    KitchenAid refrigerator, bar refrigerator

    Dornbracht faucet, separate bar sink

    Johnsonite rubber floors are soft on the feet

    Walk-in pantry


    Open Living Room. Built-In Shelving.Breathtaking mountain and city views

    Wall of west-facing windows

    Hidden coat closet with door blending into custom paneling in the foyer

    Gorgeous maple and cherry paneling

    Conrad custom motorized blinds with hand woven raffia in living room and dining

    Trey ceiling in living area

    Whole-house sound system

    Accent LED lighting embedded into cabinetry

    Opens to spacious Ipe wood deck


    Spacious Dining Room.Handmade, elegant contemporary maple and Anigre paneling

    Modern built-ins with stainless steel accent bands made by
    Jessie Jozwiak of True to Form

    Sophisticated and stylish lighting package


    Wool carpet (hypo-allergenic)

    Closets by More Space Place®

    American Clay Paint

    Built in cherry desk

    Beautiful garden view


    Handmade glass bowl and matching vanity mirror from New


    Custom tile


    Master Bedroom. Incredible City and Mountain ViewsBreathtaking downtown and mountain views

    Trey ceiling

    Wool carpet (hypo-allergenic)

    Grasscloth wallpaper

    Custom closet by More Space Place®

    Electric heated floor in master bath

    Steam shower with custom tile

    Toto Neorest toilet

    Dual vanity with marble counter plus sit-down makeup area

    Linen closet in master bath



    En Suite Bathroom with Soaking Tub. Custom Tile Vanity.Serene garden view

    Wool carpet (hypo-allergenic)

    Beautiful natural light

    Closet by More Space Place®

    En-suite bathroom with soaking tub

    Custom vanity and tile in bathroom


    Wood-Mode cabinets for plenty of storage

    Corian counters

    Johnsonite rubber floors are soft on the feet


    Lower Level Great Room. Separate EntranceHuge great room or third bedroom

    Cork flooring

    Built in murphy bed by More Space Place®

    Great natural light with lots of windows

    Corian counters and ample cabinetry for hobbyists

    Full bathroom on lower level

    Separate entrance

    952 square feet in basement ready to be finished for easy expansion


    Entertain on the Spacious Ipe DeckSpacious Ipe wood deckfor tranquil rest or first class entertaining

    Breathtaking downtown Asheville and long-range mountain

    Stainless steel railing by Marc Archambault

    Retractable electric awning


    Home deconstructed to the studs and completely rebuilt —

    inside and out •

    Replaced electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof, exterior walls,

    interior walls, deck and more

    Landscape Architecture by Ambient DesignLoewen aluminum clad windows

    50 year architectural shingle roof

    Hardiplank cement board siding

    Advantech subfloor and sheathing

    High efficiency Bryant heat pump with gas furnace back up

    HVAC system zoned with three active zones (master bedroom,
    main area and lower level) and capacity for more zones

    Whole house humidifier on HVAC system

    Aquasana whole-house water filter

    Sealed and conditioned crawl space by Home Energy Partners

    Foundation sealed for water protection during renovation

    Spray foam insulation in walls (Iceyene), floors and ceiling by

    Home Energy Partners

    Triple pane windows on East and South sides, North and West

    sides double pane

    Tankless gas hot water heater with recirculating pump

    Half round gutters with leaf guard


    Located just 5 miles north of downtown Asheville, known for its fine dining, craft beverages, galleries and performing arts

    Proximity to the Country Club of Asheville’s golf, pool, tennis and social facilities

    Convenient access to walking trails at Beaver Lake and hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Driving/ Biking Directions:

    Breathtaking Mountain and City Views.From Downtown Asheville, take Merrimon Avenue north and turn right on Beaverdam Road. Turn left on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway. Left on Robinhood Road. 111 Robinhood Road is on the left.

    For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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    Appalachian Offsets: A Local Solution to Global Pollution

    Tree in Light Bulb

    A Program of Western North Carolina Green Building Council

    Appalachian OffsetsWestern North Carolina Green Building Council (WNCGBC) is bringing back it’s locally focused carbon-offsetting program due to community demand!  This innovative local program allows area residents to calculate their carbon footprint and then offset it by paying into a community fund.  The community fund then supports energy-efficient upgrades at local nonprofits, low-income housing and schools.

    Executive director of the WNCGBC, Sam Ruark Eastes, states, “the scientific consensus is in.  Climate change is happening and is greatly influenced by the burning of fossil fuels.” The average United States resident was responsible for 18 tons of carbon dioxide in one year.  This number is almost 4 times greater than the global average of 4.6 tons, according to a U.S. Energy Information Administration report in 2011 (the last year of the data).

    Two grants have helped to bring the Appalachian Offsets program back into action.  It encourages individuals to first offset their own carbon footprint.  Then, they can pay into a fund that helps the community as a whole.  

    Making a Difference in Asheville

    UNCA AHAAn example of a project that is funded would be upgrading inefficient lighting and supporting clean energy within area organizations.  In 2007, UNCA students volunteered with the Asheville Housing Authority to replace 13,000 inefficient incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  This initiative helped reduce carbon emissions by 3, 790 tons annually and saved the Housing Authority and its residents about $250,000 annually!

    “Appalachian Offsets is the bridge that matches companies and individuals looking to offset their emissions with organizations who need support cutting energy costs and upgrading their facilities,” Ruark Eastes said.

    You can get involved by going to the program’s website:!  Here, you can use the carbon calculator to see your own or your business’ carbon footprint.  Additionally,you can also learn more about the projects that will be supported by offsets you may choose to purchase.

    Mosaic Realty is proud to be a supporter of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council.  For information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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