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Staging Your Home for Selling Success

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When you’re ready to put your house on the market, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure a standout in a sea of listings. Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty understands this, which is why our agents are equipped to guide you through one particularly important, yet sometimes overlooked, facet of the selling process: staging your home. Giving your home an aesthetic overhaul – whether large or small – can offer a clean slate, free of distractions so potential buyers can truly see themselves living in your home. To learn how to hook buyers and keep them interested, read on.

Back to Basics

Seller Services Staged Living RoomTo get your home market-ready, there are a few basic areas that every seller should consider. They include painting (both interior and exterior as needed), landscaping (think curb appeal), kitchens and bathrooms. A Mosaic agent can advise you on how extensive the updates – sellers often end up pouring more money into updates than is necessary, whittling away their return on investment once the sale is complete. Conferring with one of Mosaic’s agents, you will learn everything from which interior paint hues are of-the-moment to which minor bathroom updates give the impression of a fresh overhaul minus the full renovation.

It’s the Little Things

You may not think about, or even see, the small flaws in your home – but a buyer will, and Mosaic’s agents know this. That unused curtain rod or those damaged blinds will most definitely distract, no matter how new the windows. Mismatched, outdated door fixtures and cabinet handles, often overlooked by sellers, are an easy fix that will leave the buyer with the impression of a clean, attractive aesthetic. An inexpensive chandelier can help to define a dining room, doing double duty if the light fixture needs updating anyway.

Grow Interest

Seller Services Staged Outdoor LivingLandscaping and exterior work are obvious areas to improve when you want to set your listing apart from others. Sure, you should seed a patchy lawn or pressure wash that mildewed fence. But did you know that adding a fountain to the landscape can help to muffle street noise? Something as simple as cleaning gutters and replacing broken ones not only improves the appearance of your home, but can help to mitigate musty odors often associated with backed-up drainage.

Tips like this are only a start; if you are ready to list your home and want a detailed staging plan sure to garner selling success, contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190, or get in touch with any of Mosaic’s selling agents at

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