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What Asheville-Area Home Buyers Are Looking for in 2021

Walkable Areas Asheville Real EstateIf you’re seeking to sell your Asheville property, there are a number of things you can do to draw buyer interest, either by highlighting your home’s existing, desirable qualities, or by making key improvements based on market trends. Mosaic’s agents know what buyers are looking for in 2021, and have the knowledge and experience to position your property in the best way possible, boosting appeal and creating a standout listing. Here are some of their top tips:

Highlight your home’s desirability

Is your property close to a park or greenway? Does it offer walkable proximity to restaurants and cafes? Are hiking and other outdoor adventures just a short drive away? These are the things buyers in 2021 are looking for, especially in the Asheville area. With a huge majority of primary-home buyers moving to Asheville from out of state, it’s important to highlight these attractive characteristics specific to the city.

Mosaic agents are also seeing a growing number of second-home buyers, with many seeking either homes boasting big mountain views with lots of privacy, or ease-of-living condos in the heart of Asheville’s cuisine and cultural hubs. Playing up these features will place your property in prime focus.

Add to or reconfigure your home

With a shift toward more time spent at home, whether for work or play, certain improvements can translate into big draws for buyers, according to Mosaic’s agents. Because so many are moving here drawn by the lifestyle Asheville offers, creating an attractive listing based on those trends is key.

Asheville Area Real Estate Outdoor RoomsWith a continued focus on outdoor, at-home gatherings, having hospitable open-air spots is a boon to any Asheville property. Screen in a porch to create a three-season “room,” allowing for more space for entertaining. Or add a welcoming backyard patio with a fire pit or built-in bar and grill.

Because more and more relocating buyers are bringing their work with them, a home office is an attractive feature. Even if your property doesn’t have an official office, it’s easy enough to re-think an extra bedroom, tucked-away nook, or even a corner of the living room as a spot to set up an attractive workspace. With the telecommuting trend taking hold, high-speed Internet is imperative.

If you’ve got the space and a bigger budget, certain additions are sure to bring in buyers. Mosaic agents are seeing an uptick in clients seeking garages. While certain established Asheville neighborhoods, especially in more densely populated sections, don’t typically have garages, builders are finding creative ways to incorporate them to meet the growing demand.

Another desirable feature for many Mosaic clients is homestay potential or other revenue-generating space – think accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or separate long-term living quarters. Make sure to check with local ordinances before adding such a feature, as there are different rules governing such spaces based on downtown, city and county addresses. 

For more information on how Mosaic’s agents can position your Asheville home to take advantage of current market trends, please contact us at, or call us anytime at 828-707-9556.

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