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Modern Design Finds a Home in Asheville's Real Estate Market

In the past few years, as Asheville has continued to expand, so have the area’s architectural styles. An increasingly popular design involves incorporating modern aesthetics, cutting-edge features, and environmentally friendly functionalities. As more Western North Carolina builders create mountain homes to meet the modern demand, this style of property is becoming an increasingly attainable option for homebuyers, and a market that Mosaic Realty is expertly equipped to help navigate.

Asheville Area Modern Homes

Understated standouts

Modern home styles are simple in their design, leaving a clean backdrop focused on decluttered balance, openness and airiness. Design leans heavily on intertwining form and function, with such properties offering an efficient flow. High ceilings and open floor plans are a hallmark of the modern home. Airiness is important too: Often, modern homes incorporate oversized windows and skylights to let the natural light and outdoor surroundings enhance the indoor aesthetic. The modern design also often extends to the yard, incorporating unfussy features that lend to an alluring, peaceful spot to soak in that Blue Ridge beauty.

Smart-home features

Often, by virtue of being newer builds, modern homes can easily incorporate smart features that create efficient, safe, even luxurious living for the whole family. Everything from remotely controlled home security systems to smart kitchen appliances to voice-activated gadgets seamlessly tied into the design are available in a modern build. An all-in-one smart-home system can be installed that connects to any number of apps controllable from the homeowner’s smartphone.

Modern Real Estate Asheville NC

Eco-friendly living

A huge benefit of an Asheville-area modern home is that energy-efficiency and green features are readily incorporated into the design. Building materials often include sustainable, recycled content that is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Modern homes boast high-efficiency windows, insulation, plumbing and HVAC systems to reduce energy bills and increase comfort. Modern builds also lean toward non-toxic materials and finishes to sustain healthy indoor air quality. Site and landscape considerations often involve erosion control, preservation of existing trees, and other building practices that result in minimal environmental disturbances.

For more information about modern homes, or any type of property in Asheville and Western North Carolina, contact us at, or call us anytime at 828-707-9556.

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