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As Interest in Asheville-Area Land and Farms Grows, Mosaic Makes the Search Simple

Interested in purchasing a parcel of land in Western North Carolina? Asheville and the surrounding areas offer plenty of options to acquire acreage for whatever your lifestyle calls for, whether you’re looking for land to farm, space to raise livestock, or simply room to spread out. When you’re ready to explore acreage opportunities, Mosaic Realty’s brokers are specialized in helping you find the perfect spot. Following are some reasons why Western N.C. is the perfect place for farm and large-acreage living. 

Asheville Area Land and Farms

Western North Carolina as a climate refuge

Warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, wildfires and more powerful storms are sending populations along the coast and other threatened regions to relatively safer spots. This so-called climate migration shows no signs of letting up. Increasingly, Asheville is seen as one of the top climate-refuge cities in the U.S., and for good reason. Its geographical position, protectively nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, makes it less vulnerable to weather extremes associated with climate change, such as high heat and winds, powerful hurricanes, destructive storms, and resulting erosion issues.

Fertile for farming

The farm-to-table movement has firmly established itself on the restaurant scene. But imagine being able to bring that movement home, to your very own farmstead. Land in Western N.C. is perfect for a variety of farming and livestock opportunities, as evidenced by the number of thriving farms as well as the area’s rich agricultural history. With three optimal growing seasons, as well as unique climates within those seasons – thing things like long, warm days coupled with cooler nights – the opportunities to grow a range of crops are extensive. Support for beginning farmers, be it educational or hands-on, is also plentiful in the Asheville area.

Western North Carolina Land and Farms

Appreciating land and property values in the Asheville Area

A variety of factors are contributing to the continued influx of people moving to the region. The accessibility to our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, outdoor adventure, and temperate climate, as well as the cultural, dining and entertainment offerings of Asheville and surrounding cities, continue to draw transplants – and this is bringing added value to the area’s land and properties, with no signs of slowing up. Buying extensive acreage or farmland not only brings real-time joy, but reflects a sound long-term investment.

Room for a family compound

The concept of multi-generational living has been around for centuries, but in recent years it has gained even greater popularity as families see the benefits that the lifestyle brings: stronger bonds, shared resources and responsibilities, and day-to-day support, both practical and emotional. Families can move as an extended entity (grandparents along with their children and grandchildren), living in multiple houses on a large piece of land. Western N.C. is the perfect place to establish a multi-generational family compound, as the region brings all manner of experiences, attractions and resources to cater to a range of ages. 

Mosaic Realty makes it easy to begin your Asheville-area land and farm search by visiting For more information about land and farm properties, or any type of real estate in Asheville or Western N.C., contact us at, or call us anytime at 828-707-9556.  

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