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Ready to Plant a Tree? Branch Out With These Helpful Tips

There’s no doubt trees bring tremendous benefits to our lives. There are, of course, the environmental and health advantages – the Earth, and everything living on it, could not function without them – but there are also aesthetic, economic and emotional perks to planting trees. Ready to add some trees to your Asheville-area residence? Let’s get started!Native Trees Asheville Area

Trees elevate Asheville neighborhoods

The beauty trees bring to Asheville neighborhoods can’t be understated. They add color and character with their varied shapes and textures. They can serve as screens against harsh scenery, soften the masonry of homes, and define space within landscaping designs.

Trees also make our Asheville communities livable while positively impacting our moods and emotions: Very few things are more relaxing than sitting under a tree in full spring bloom. Viewing trees, or being surrounded by them, has been proven to create feelings of relaxation and well-being, and provide a sense of solitude and security. Creating a canopy of trees in conjunction with neighbors contributes to a sense of community pride and ownership. Adding trees can also increase property values.

And then there are the environmental advantages: Trees conserve water, reduce soil erosion, save energy, modify climate, soften the harshness of weather extremes (like sun, wind and dryness), and enable wildlife and plant diversity. 

Asheville Tree PlantingWhich trees are tops in Asheville?

Sold on the benefits of adding trees to your yard? The next step is choosing the right type. If you’re new to the tree market, you can’t go wrong with a variety native to the Western North Carolina region. Native trees are those that occur naturally in the area in which they evolved, making them the ecological basis upon which life in the region thrives. For instance, without Western N.C.’s native trees, and the insects that co-evolved with them, Asheville’s local bird population would not survive. Native pollinator trees are important for nourishing local bees, as well as hosting moth and butterfly larvae.

There are a large variety of trees native to the Asheville area, which means you can find one that fits your parameters perfectly. If you’re looking for a small tree, Common Serviceberry, Eastern Redbud and American Holly are popular choices. Mid-sized to large natives include Red Maple, American Beech and Mountain Magnolia. Nurseries around the Asheville area have plenty of native trees to choose from, along with knowledgeable staff who can guide you on your selections.

How to properly plant a tree

Once you’ve brought your tree home, the next step is planting. It’s important for the tree’s long-term health that you research site selection and planting methods thoroughly. Here are some tips to ensure your tree establishes quickly in its new location: 

·      Place the tree in a shallow, broad hole, two to three times wider than the root ball but only as deep as the ball. Remove any cover from the root ball and trunk, and straighten or cut any circling roots. 

·      The majority of a tree’s roots develop in the top 12 inches of soil, so make sure to place the tree at the proper height; planting too deep can harm the tree. Ensure the trunk flare (where the trunk expands at the base of the tree) is partially visible after the tree is planted. 

·      Make sure the tree is straight in the hole before filling. Fill the hole gently but firmly to eliminate air pockets, and pack soil around the base of the root ball to stabilize it.

·      Mulch the base of the tree, but leave 1-2 inches around the trunk mulch-free to avoid too much moisture on the bark. Follow watering and fertilizing instructions, but as a rule, water at least once a week (or more frequently in hot, dry conditions) until the tree is firmly established.

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